- Friday, July 27, 2007

Shrugs At Freaky Mail

I just received a mail from this freaky dude whom I know not, but his mail was super disturbing.
To: jonathan_jonny_89@yahoo.com
From:{thou shall not knoweth; it's from a guy, just to hint}
Subject: Oh...
Message: Hai..I hv one demand..Can i hv a sex with u??I wan2 try it...I wan2 taste ur pennis..Oh..Plz...
I. Am. Utterly. Traumatized.


Suit Lin said...

I'm buying a pepper spray for you.

joanne liyeng said...

You know what's the other most disgusting thing about that mail?

He can't spell.


Jon Chu said...

Suit: hehe. buy the extra hot kind. i dunno anythin about the pepper spray. mebbe shud get the gay repeller. xD

Liyeng: HAHA. so true. i was wondering wat the heck was the message about at first glance. haha.