- Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So Growing Up Is This ->

Little eggs: I'm so darn hungry now. Thanks to the Fasting and Praying for the Nation of 40 days thingy by NECF (National Evangelistic Christian Fellowship). I was, yes, asked to save for the food I fast from and put the money into the envelope which would be collected, and the money passed to NECF to bless the poor peeps. But I'm not doing any of them. Ok, call me a BAD Christian. Baha! I care less tho.
So, that's it. I'm growing up. Darn real fast, and it's kinda freaking me out. Just one day, I find my responsibilities hyping up like crazy. I wouldn't be free for Friday anymore from next month (oh gosh), Wednesday is a no-no (thanks to prayer meeting my parents are asking me to attend), Saturday and Sunday (as always, and if I dare have anything, I'll get shot like nobody's business *sighs*), and then a recent one: Tuesday, whole day, busy.

UGH! Busy, busy, busy.

Now I understand what people mean when they want to shrink and turn kiddy again. And yes, I'm going through that emotions, and I would die to be able to morph into a small little kiddo I once was, with the ample time of freedom which I get to skip up and down and run north and south.

But hell, no. I can't. I'm a darn full-grown 18-year old boy. Note: BOY. And I choose to be known as a BOY. Come on, having others call you a young man, it sounds like: what the heck? so much free time? go get your arse into some work and either sweat yourself out or get a paycheck! Or, having others (OTHERS, stressing) call you UNCLE, it's like: Come on, buzz away, I ain't wanna see you here. You're an uncle, you're supposed to be busy with work and have a wife and toot with her til you get kids! So tell me, isn't 'boy' better? Hmm?

But anyway, it's okay to be busy after all. I get to shield myself away from all the heartbreaks and forget all my heartaches I have, and just concentrate in work. But at the same time, I don't get enough time reading! Ugh, another major problem. Okay, call me a 'nerd' (btw, it's my newest despised nickname) because I like to read and I wear black framed specs. I just don't understand: what is wrong with reading?

And I got comments that say: you're a gentle guy. *shrugs* MEANING? Pondan? What the h? And I am actually wondering whether does rough means guy. Imagine your guy pushing you into a car before letting you step into the vehicle; or draining down wine when he's supposed to sip it and have pleasure in drinking for a moment, and whatmore, breaking the glass; or stepping on your feet when both of you are waltzing; or pulls you into his arms with a herculic monstrous strength when a gentle touch and squeeze would suffice, meaning to say 'I love you' or 'I'm here for you'. Simple: what the heck? (*inserts stress stress stress and stress and whatever*)

Perhaps this is what growing up is about: confusion and more confusion. No wonder so many confused people are living in the world of confusion. Okay, scrap off 'world' and insert 'Confusion'. Wouldn't that seem nice?

Alien: Hey, you from world?
Human: No, I'm from Confusion.
Alien: KEWL! Do I get to join you?
Human: No. You're too weird and gentle.
Alien: KILL HIM!!!!!!


zewt said...

40 days fast and prayer reminds me of the time when i was in DUMC...

suitlin said...

Gentle guy not equal to girlish guy. Please. The world needs more of the former. Only a true men is secure enough to not display his 'manliness' by being gentle.

P/s: If any one did those things to me he'll have hell to pay for.

*hops back to HP, cp 12*
YES MAGNETING me like mad. so long din have the magical feeling of anticipation with EVERY turn of the page.

Jon Chu said...

Zewt: oh, you were formally in DUMC? Now transfered where?

Jon Chu said...

Suit: ha heh! So HP is THAT magnetic arh? so how is umbridge for you? xD