- Friday, July 13, 2007

Traumatizing Kids

As you know, the weather in KL is extremely hot these days. Even with some mild rain, the haze and stiff-necked heat would never cool down. And I was wearing a singlet at home when a kid my mother babysits came by and sat beside me.

He was a cute funny fella, with those huge tomato head and large eyes. He looked at me and then suddenly asked, "Jonathan koko, why your kalatai (armpit) got so much hair one?"

I shifted my attention from my book to him, looked at him and smiled, "Oh, because we learn in school that we cannot waste things. And when I went to cut my hair, I thought that I should not waste my hair. So I stick it up there lo."

The kid was traumatized, and went to his mom and asked, "Mommy, can I cut my hair and stick at my kalatai?"


~BeCkY~ said...

U ar...
I'm speechless..
How could u do that to a kid?

Kesian the kid la wei..
Sumore he so cute..
U've taught him the wrong thing..

haha, it was funny though..

Ianfluenza said...


Suit Lin said...

haha I so expected that answer from you. Classic Jonathan.

Jon Chu said...

Eh, we must educate our kids, especially the arts of dry weird humor (the only thing I'm blessed with).