- Monday, July 30, 2007

Two Down!

Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever and For One More Day is done. HAHA! And I shall move on to reading Trudi Canavan's The Novice and The High Lord.

So, what was so interesting about Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever, you say? It's just this: this book is originally written for kids at their early teens, and I being a late teen is happily reading it, perhaps to cure myself of the I-am-beginning-to-feel-rather-old syndrome. Poor Man Suffering, heh. It would be wrong to say that it is a fantastic book, but it's just oh-kay, get me? After all, am reading it for fun, buying it to let my brother read next time... so I guess it's worth it. And who knows—my son might like this too, if I ever have a kid...

For One More Day—now, this is da bomb. I like the way Mitch Albom wrote it, with flashbacks and rather little spatial techniques (not everybody can imagine spatially, you see). In a whole, (I am currently lost of words) this book is fantastic, with simple language and mild but nice suspense. :)

That's all I can say, since I'm not a book reviewer like Eyeris. Haha.

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