- Friday, August 10, 2007

College Life Disastrous?

It seems as though time has slowed down, with responsibilities piling up at quick paces until I can barely tell myself, "Stop, and relax." As ironic as it may seem, I do actually, somehow, like this odd feeling.

As some of you know, I have been at college. And trust me, if you're not into writing or advertising, don't drown your head into this course. The first day itself, assignments are given and expected to be passed up by the next two lectures (horrifying?) and whatmore, subjects that I dislike (e.g. Psychology). Yet, I am given no choice but to take that subject up (it is one of my core subjects) and failing isn't an option.

FYI, for those who fail, given the consideration of the college, a resit paper will be allowed for students who want to have another try. However, the paper will be marked at a 50% basis, meaning that the best mark you can get is not 100%, but 50%, and receive a GPA of only 1.0 (no other bargains bla bla bla)

For students who fail miserably, they have to retake the subject, meaning to sit through the whole load of tiring (and boring, if the lecturers are inanimated and dumb-faced) lectures, and pay RM 850. But the bright side of it is that students will be re-assessed with a fresh GPA.

So tell me, which would you prefer?

And now, I find the assignments more challenging that those I've ever did. No more time to corner the teacher for some extra tips on doing my assignments; no more chances to bribe the teacher to provide more information to get good marks for my course work. And guess what, I'm beginning to fear college life more than anything else.

Perhaps the once-so-ignorant me loved college, but now, I love yet hate. Ironicism, that's how it's put. Ignorant is bliss, eh?

I have to rethink on how to write persuasively to persuade my teacher in giving me good marks, and I certainly doubt it. And believe me... it is not that fun doing assignments anymore because I have to do some major researches. Say for example, my recent topic is, "Pulling out fast food advertisement from children's TV programme. Is it appropriate?" Though the lecturer said that the essay shall be opinion based, and originality is taken into most consideration, I certainly doubt that (because the first question in answering the essay topic is 'why is it appropriate?' or vice versa).

I think I might hate college life. Or maybe not. I don't know. Transition periods are tough, no doubt about it. And too bad, Life College is darn quiet — as in, there is not much activities going around except watching movies and having lunches. How worse can it go?


p/s: I should be doing my retarded assignments now.
p/s: going for Psychology class. Seniors say most of the students fail. *screams with horror*
p/s: must go to library to scout for books
p/s: forgive my ranty post. can't help it.

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joanne liyeng said...

you'll do well, my dear. conquer college. don't let it conquer you.