- Thursday, August 02, 2007

A New Hair Cut

FYI, my dear friends, I only go for a haircut after one-and-a-half to two months (which means, six to eight times a year), which also answers why I have long hair whenever you meet me. So, today, yours pigly has decided to go for a haircut. HAHA.

And I look... I don't know...
Mommy: OMG. You cut your hair? [err.. no lar.. I trimmed my hair.. WTH?!]
Sista: WHY you cut your hair? Still so long?!
Brotha: yoooor!!!!! koko! YOU CUT YOUR HAIR ARRR?! [I'm like.. no lar.. I fell into the toilet bowl today while it is still sucking the wata and accidentally, my dear poor fragile hair got sucked in which explains why my hair looks long yet short yet trimmed... in short, whatever]
Christin: yer. you cut your hair ar?
Shaun: Doooood.. NICE BOMB! (while staring at my hair)

See, I get these kinds of remarks when I cut my hair, which explains why my life is so... lame, you may say. HAHA!

so, what is YOUR comment?

And believe me, they just came to me just now and started ranting about how my hair looks weird, fussy, long, yada fada lada cida and nada... NONSTOP. Imagine my brother plus mother plus sister all talking at the same time. OME OME OME.
No wonder science have noise pollution under the topic 'pollution'.


Heartbreak Kid said...

That seriously doesn't look cut man! haha. I completely agree with your rellies and family. :) I would understand it if you were a girl though. Cause when we cut ours, it seems as though there is no difference.

But you are not. Or are you?

joanne liyeng said...

you walked through a hurricane, honey?

HEHEHHEe. it looks good okay. stop complaining.

tiffanie said...

i think it looks good on u....^^