- Monday, August 27, 2007


Three weeks have passed since entering college, and I have gathered some interesting information about college life.

(1) Do not assume everybody will be a good friend to you.
There are people wit agendas while befriending you. They judge and criticize about you, and backstab you while you're unaware. But know this: it is not just in college. It happens frequently in working life, in society. Hence, college life is just a place where a person starts being a hypocrite.

There are people who says, "Hey, I'm your friend" but forget to add the remaining phrase "only when I need you". They come to you and only when they seek your help. Seldom would they come to confide in you. "Come on la, who do you think you are man?" would be their typical mental response, although most of the time they refuse voicing this thought out. Another sign of hypocrite, isn't it? And well, expect this reaction to what I just said, "Come on, you are no better. Don't judge a book by its cover." or "Don't ass-u-(and)-me [meaning, assume]. You're worse." Or whatever the answer might be. People are just as unpredictable as they are, which is why I think that this trait is Nature(d), not Nurture(d). [nods head to those studying Psychology, note: the Nature-vs-Nurture Debate]

(2) When somebody does something for you, they expect something else back.
Trust me in this. People out there are darn selfish and self-conscious and profit-thinking. They want everything for their benefit. And answer me honestly, do you? If yes, that makes you one of this typical gang. If not, either you're a hypocrite or you're just darn holy.

(3) Materialistism rules in the society (and sad to say, even in college); Facial looks matter too.
The handsomer or prettier you are, the better people will take note of you. You won't be taken note if you have a bad body shape, or a not-handsome or not-pretty face, or poor, or (okay, dear eggies, go on with the list. It's endless!) Thinking that people will see the good side of you, or people will see the good heart within you, stop dreaming will ya? This world is full of shit and nerve-ransaking people who deserves none of our honor (not that all of them are, just mostly), and trust me in this: they just don't understand that face at times do not matter.

Blame my unhandsomeness and emoness. Ha. Okay, cut out that emo part, I'm not emo. I'm just stating a fact.

(4) People perceive that gossip is saying something false that will hurt someone.
But I think is more than that. It can be something true too, and is used to hurt someone. Who can distinguish which is warning and which is gossip? I think the line is rather difficult to draw. Although it has to be true that character does play a part, but tell me, how long does it take for one to see another's character? Days? Weeks? Maybe months!

Say for example, we know that Enrya (a simply picked name) has the habit of scratching her buttocks after pang-sai-ing (shitting). One can choose to take it and make fun of her. Isn't her reputation spoiled? Isn't that gossip? Now define gossip. Does it mean that whenever something bad is spoken about a person is gossip? Or what?

(5) Your work isn't safe. It might get spread to others, and worse, your ideas might be copied and copyrighted even before you can copyright it. And in the end what happens? You fail your subject and have to repay RM 850 to retake. Oh, Hallelujah, give yourself an applaud.

The list could go on. Just that college students might bump into this blog (which I have also advertised many places. Blink at Nuffnang.com or Advertlets.com okay?) and start criticizing me, and who knows, even gossiping about me. No wonder this said is true: when there are people, there are gossips for there is no place where gossip won't be.

Nuff said.

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crystal said...

haha you're not alone... even in col tho that's the way it seems at first... hard to adjust... not everyone's like what you see... but that's just the way society is these days.. it's hard to trust people without suspecting there's some hidden motive... sometimes you just need to learn to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in... at other times, the old adage "if you can't beat em, join em" applies. ;) but hey, we learn and we grow from our experiences hey? what would life be without the learning process... :)

take care...