- Monday, August 27, 2007


I am still adjusting to my environment. It amazes me the amount of time I'm using to getting use to my course mates, their mannerisms, their likings and dislikings, and the environment. It's just a little bit difficult sometimes when you have friends who are open and accepting, and suddenly landing on a strange land where people don't give a shit about your wellbeing or even think of befriending you trully.

Call me over-sensitive or emofying or whatever, I am just this suspicious of others. I think that they enter my life, or befriend me, for a certain reason which has, most of the times, proven to be true. And honest speaking, knowing this does not help at all in socializing. Speaking of which, someone commented about me not so long ago that I am actually weak in socializing. Perhaps it is true. What say you?

But hear ye, I am unconcerned about my socializing skills. All I care, right now, is get good grades and get the hell out of here. Konon la, that people say Life College is a Christian college. Yes, it may be runned by Christians, but sometimes it is the students that either make or break the college's name. And for this case, I don't see where Life College is getting to. (hit me for the gossip or commenting. Start criticizing about me. Question me of my integrity and where my loyalty stands.)

Going to college reminds me of many past agitation I'd rather forget, and trust me, imagine walking in some place that reminds you of something horrifying. But knowing that you have to walk through it, you just close your eyes and go straight, and straight and straight, disregarding what is before you. After all, if you die, you die. Why care?

Ever heard of "Life is not meant to be a bed of roses"? It's so darn true.

Finally started reading Terry Goodkind's book (thank Rebecca for the free books), and I have to say, it's very interesting. And Trudi Canavan's The Black Magician trilogy isn't anywhere near there. I like like like Terry's style of writing. Descriptive yet not long-winded. Just like like like. Like Emmanuel Lai says, "I like it man!"

College studies is inevitably interesting. Thank God I chose the right course (I think I will think like that for the moment). Principles of Advertising ain't as dull as it seems to be. I like the principles taught, and seek to implement it ASAP. Intro to Mass Communication is interesting as well. I realized that many of these subjects (okay la, maybe three of these subjects) just require a good understanding, and a bit of memory of course, and perhaps, lots of questioning the lecturer (which I think am prone to).

Anyway, I have to resign to sleep. I'm deprived of it, thanks to Red Alert 2 and assignments.

p/s: Eh, Jin, when la you giving me the Yuri computer game? The one part of Red Alert 2?
p/s: Does anybody know if Red Alert 3 is out? Is it interesting? Is the graphics nice? I wanna wanna play.
p/s: Stop fussing about how interesting Counter Strike. I don't give a shit about it, and say it one more time, I will strike your arse-hole so bad you think it's a mouse twisting through your intestines. (Hehe, to whoever that is.)
p/s: Does anybody know where to get second-hand textbooks?

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