- Thursday, September 20, 2007


I've to admit this. I really have to, or else I will suffocate. It sounds terrible, I know. But it's true. It's plain truth, no matter how you debate about it. After all, we - humans - call ourselves unique. So I believe my plain truth is just that unique.

But be warned, my dear friends. When you know of the truth, there is a possible of puking, fainting, knocking your head against the wall, slapping your self. Before you know it, you're near insanity, and perhaps, death. And if you so recalcitrantly choose to continue reading this confession of a Pig who loves to sleep, there are no guarantees you might remain alive.

This is a decision of life and death.

As well as the point of no return.

You have been warned.

You asked for it.

Here's the truth:

It's two hours to exam, and I'm dead nervous.

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