- Thursday, September 06, 2007

Frustration Drains Confidence

It seems that this will always be part of me. It's odd and unbelievable to many because they think that I am a confident person no matter where I go. The truth is, I am not. I doubt my abilities a lot many times, and am easily intimidated.

In college, though I've volunteered to join the newsletter team, I have this question bugging me: "Can I really write?" I read through the things other seniors have written. Solid, beautiful words, new and fresh style. But what have I? Mundane usage of words, unimaginative chunks of words, unpersuasive style of writing... you continue the list.

I constantly wonder if what I do can impress somebody. Yes, trust me, my whole life is about impressing others because I had to impress somebody so he/she will become my friend.

In college, all I need to do is just walk across the corridor and pass by the classrooms and cast a glance at the students. There I see far more talented people with excellent literacy and writing techniques, bold and outstanding personality, and yada yada yada.

So how good am I? I wonder.

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