- Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Growth and Life

are interconnected, whether you like it or not. Many times we either stop to wish we grow up quicker so that we can achieve something or reduce our age to childhood so we can be ignorant and carefree. How nice would it be if such wishes were granted.

Somehow, one day, sooner or later, we would eventually come to realization that wishing for adulthood or childhood would bring us nowhere; and the best would be to live now as it should be - be joyous and take a day at a time, so we won't intentionally overload ourselves.

I, too, have gone through these. Many times I would sit back and wish, "How nice if I could just be seven. I can stop worrying about people's opinions, I can stop trying so hard to be a good person to them; I can just be myself." I would wish and wish and wish. Little did I realize that time could be spent in a better way, perhaps to change something about me, or improve something I'm learning.

That is growth. It is stopping the wishing list and starting the working list. Stop hoping and building castles in the air. Instead, start putting your hands into it and work for it. In the end, the wishing list doesn't matter because it was all just fantasy and nothing more. However, on the other hand, the working list gives us satisfaction and stability in our trade or passion.

I was asked, "Why music?" It was one of my passions, and honestly, I cannot live without music. It runs thick in my blood and swallows me day by day, making me thirst more of it. Ideas whirlpool in my mind about projects and things I can use music to, perhaps, stir a certain emotion. I remember banging a few notes, accenting them and adding some minor and diminished chords on my right hand. Instantly, my mother shot at me and said, "Stop that tune. It's irritating." How nice if I could use that tune during plays or performances.

Satisfaction is what I seek for in music. Not fame, not glory, not recognition. Irreproachable passion-driven interests always lands the way it should, I think. And striving towards it is always the best resort.

Nobody can separate growth from life, or vice versa. Either you grow and have life or you die and leave life. To grow, search for your passion and work towards it. Or else, face it: die. Which would you choose?

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