- Tuesday, September 11, 2007

How to Syok Sendiri

Note to my dirty stupid friends who always come to my blog, care not to even leave a message and then comment about it in front of me in peculiar yet hilarious manners: Syok Sendiri does not mean masturbation, you dopes!

[I got this tagging thingy from Kay Jin's blog - I am who I am]

You are to:
Make 30 sentences that start with the letter 'I'

1. I am Jonathan Chu.
2. Idiosyncrasy has found itself in my life. (Yes, I am peculiar in my peculiar manner)
3. Idiots rule when it comes to lameness.
4. Itadakimashite!
5. Internal Affairs was just a movie of suspense, nothing much.
6. 'I think' is opinion-oriented, just in case you don't know.
7. I like myself, and I'm narcissistic. (Shoot me, you fool!)
8. I am who I am.
9. India is not near Malaysia when compared with Thailand. (duh!)
10. I am lame but I can walk.
11. I believe in myself because He believes in me.
12. Ian McKellen is the best choice for Magneto. (Do you agree?)
13. I am no Indian.
14. Indian ain't me.
15. I beg thee to get that right.
16. In a sudden, Jon turned into pork. (Talk about Pork and Egg fetishes.)
17. Iotas of evidence has been found, and I, the judge, has the right to sentence those who sweat at this sentence to eternal idiotation. BUAHAHAHA. (No such word exists. But who cares!)
18. Invincibleness is something I possess when I dream.
19. I can fly. (Believe it or not.)
20. Irregularity is not something I can tolerate. (I think)
21. Insecurity is found when life is tunneling into a point of no return.
22. Indah Water is a good place to refill your water buckets or tupperwares or water bottles.
23. I is crazy.
24. In the darkness, silence groped about, waiting to be discovered and heard.
25. Incredibility is not something I possess; nor is mediocrity.
26. Idleness is what I despise.
27. Introduction to Psychology is shocking, I think. (Yes, just like the assignment.)
28. I am hungry and full. (Darn, torn in between!)
29. Insensible people live in KL, if you cared to look.
30. I am done.

And no one shall I tag, only those who like to syok sendiri. Can I hear a FUYOH! xD

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