- Thursday, September 13, 2007

It Is Interesting.

Inevitably. To find out how people come to my blog is very, very, very interesting. How to Impress Somebody was one of the searched ones, and Joanne Poh (UH. HUH.)

So I was wondering what does this imply. Write more Tutorials? Or... Simply quote friends' names to raise my blog's traffic.

But I doubt I'll be doing so often. After all, Solitude is a very thought-driven blog (and emo, if Levi chooses to put it that way) and should be. At least it will remain so in the near future. I used to wonder why do I blog, and this question probes me on and on, as if forcing me by the throat for answers I do not even have.

But I have it now. I ponder on my life and what God had done for me. What more can I say? And there are times when solitude brings me down to a point I can't recognize reality and fantasy; but God has kept me. There had to be a reason for preservation, I am sure of that, and only He can answer why.

Hence, I press on. My chin high with the thought that success would be mine despite others' harsh criticism (I've lived through much).

I will live through this.

p/s: One of my lecturers said that my English is terrible. HA! At last, some motivation to improve.
p/p/s: I should be doing my assignment right now, but I'm blogging. What good discipline I have.

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