- Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mengenal-Mu -> GMB

Bila kubuka mataku dan lihat wajah-Mu
Ku terkagum
Bila kulihat hidupku dan karya tangan-Mu
Ku tersanjung

Kar’na semua yang baik dalam hidupku
Itulah karya-Mu
Kau b’ri kesempatan yang baru

Dan ku ingin mengenal-Mu Tuhan
Lebih dalam dari semua yang ku kenal
Tiada kasih yang melebihi-Mu
Ku ada untuk menjadi penyembah-Mu

For quite some time I have not been listening to any songs by them [Giving My Best], but at the recent visit to Emerge by City Harvest Church, I am once again reminded that they exist. Oops. HAHA.

Yesh, Mengenal-Mu is a very beautiful song with meaningful lyrics. While singing this song in worship, I was assured that God was there, and He knows everything I'm going through. Don't think that a guy like me has no fears. I do. And it ain't just one fear; I fear a lot.

But here this: when I sing this song, I am reminded that there's no need to fear anymore. All I need to do is look to Him (which is difficult, but it's possible) and stretch out my short hands and reach for Him.

"God, I'm so far from You." That was what I whispered during prayers. I wasn't concerned about the people about me, but the One who is called Jehovah. And from that moment of whispering, tears of assurance slipped down my face for the first time.

It seemed at that moment everything was silent and hollow. Air did not exist and sound could never travel. But there I stood moving my mouth, shouting my thoughts and heartbeat. They shook the environment, and dashed past every silence, shattered everything in an instant and reached His ears like a darting arrow.

A smile.

I will remember that.

Ku ada untuk menjadi penyembah-Mu

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