- Thursday, September 27, 2007


Though the one week break isn't over, I have successfully did some things...
  1. Watching "Bleach" to episode 140
  2. Finish copying "Academic Festive Overture" for PJ Youth Orchestra
  3. Completing the youth outing forms
  4. Complete the list of discussion for Advertising project
  5. Drew advertising advertisements with rather terrible sketches
  6. Meet up with team members for discussing our Advertising project
  7. Tightened my braces til I can't eat well (I've never had this experience before)
  8. Met up with Joanne Soo and Suit Lin
  9. Met up with Yen Shing and Kay Jin for lunch (some Thai food)
  10. Finished some questionnaires for the few form 1 guys I'm tutoring
  11. Typed out transparencies for my Youth Service and Prayer Meeting for the next few weeks
  12. Completed my youth committee discussion minutes
However, I've still these to complete...
  1. Copy J. Strauss "Vierra" for PJ Youth Orchestra
  2. Finish my Introduction to Mass Communication (2 assignments) and Introduction to Psychology (1 assignment) assignments
  3. Master "Flight of the Bumblebee", "The Harmonious Blacksmith", "Prelude in C-sharp Minor" by Rachmaninoff
  4. Doing up the youth booklet
Gosh. It's Thursday, and I still haven't finish my work! But that's where the joy kicks in.

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