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Beowulf: To Watch

An Anglo-Saxon literature of heroism, Beowulf is artistic and filled with action.
Definitely a movie to watch.
Please note that the pictures are not arranged in order.

For years a demon or monster known as Grendel slaughtered men of the Danes,
causing great fear and panic.
A man of great strength and another country- Beowulf - learned of the havoc
and left his land to free the people of the Danes.

With a feast, the king of the Danes celebrated and welcomed Beowulf.
Wine was served and great boastings and speeches were spoken.
After the feast, the king and his men left Beowulf and his men in the Great Hall.
Then came the fiendish Grendel...

With joy, Grendel entered the palace.
Looking at fresh men sleeping, it laughed with glee.
Grabbing sleeping men, it tore them apart, bit their muscles and flesh,
drank the blood, consumed them as a wolf would a rabbit...

With the hero around, no more deaths would occur.
Beowulf grabbed the monster, rip it of its right arm.
Grendel ran away...

As a sign of victory, Beowulf hung the right arm on the wall
to signify his victory. Glory was given to Beowulf.

However, there came the next night when Grendel's mother came for vengeance.
She burst through the gates of the palace and grabbed the king's most favored advisor.
Beowulf didn't know of this because he wasn't present.
He was sleeping in a house at some distance from the palace.
After learning of such tragedy, Beowulf comforted the king and vowed to destroy the demon.

With the king of the Danes leading him to the enemy's lair, he went fearlessly.
He stepped into the musky waters and was surrounded by dreaded creatures.
he struggled. He persevered. He rid himself of the creatures.
With his weapon, he stood face to face with Grendel's mother.
He fought in attempt to wound the monster, but failed (he was never good with weapons).
Barehanded, he then fought the she-monster.

Catching her by the shoulders, he threw her to the ground.
He reached out and took a legendary sword lying about the cave.
It once belonged to a strong giant.
With the sword, he pierced Grendel's mother.
She attempted to get up, but fell dead.
With another assault, Beowulf cut Grendel's mother's head off her neck.
Beowulf rose in victory.

The story continues... to learn more of it, visit Beowulf - Wikipedia and Beowulf Summary.

Gah! What a nice heroic story! What a magnificent epic!

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