- Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bid You Goodbye

Although Levi had suggested 'No More Remorse' as the title for this song, which I wrote while waiting for my group assignment partners in college, I somehow decided to change it to 'Bid You Goodbye'. Here's the lyrics:

Bid You Goodbye
Sweet dreams m love
Fly like a dove
Away from me

I'll send you away
I'll put you away
To breathe again
So I could breathe again

I bid you goodbye
I know I had tried
To love you always
My past, goodbye
I'll have you no more
No more remorse

Pain is what you gave me
And now I'll set myself free
Set myself free

Why did I write this song? I do not know. I just felt like it. The words just came, and I decided to pen them down before they slip past.

I like the melody because it's simple.

Some updates:
1. I've two presentations, and I'm very nervous, restless and anxious.
2. I've not been sleeping well for a loooooooong time. I'm dead serious.
3. I have this sudden craving for cheese cakes.
4. I hope to improve in everything I do (because I am not doing really well in what I'm doing.)
5. I have a 6-page essay to write. I've no idea. But I think the inspiration will come... soon, I think.
6. I gave up trying to grow fat. I'm serious. And I don't think I'll care about having a good outlook anymore.
7. Instead, I'll focus more on... studies (haih, sound so nerdy)
8. But who cares.
9. My mouth is painful. The wires of the braces are poking my flesh.


Suit Lin said...

All the best for your presentations. =) take as a learning experience boy.

p/s: why does looks always have to do with weight??

Jon Chu said...


p/s: cuz when u gain weight u look better handsomer and healthier and watever -er la. i'm only talking bout myself. :D