- Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mind-Blowing Voices

Few bands/artistes never fail to blow my mind.
Here's who and why:
  1. Linkin Park
    Lyrical Message: Though they are rather negative lyrically, I cannot deny that those words are really happening to (many) individuals who are struggling emotionally out there. People can insist that the measurement of a good band is positive content, with songs that motivate not disintegrate, but I say that at times, negative songs help us to realize our helplessness.

    Musically: *screams*. They're awesome. If you'd actually listen to the layering they do (and forget what equipments/methods they're using), you'd be amazed.

    The album that amazed me the most: Minutes to Midnight
    Songs to note: I'd say the entire album. Yes, the entire album.

  2. Josh Groban
    What more can I say? His voice! His capability to convey passion, desire, loneliness and pain at the same time.

  3. Jeremy Camp
    With a very unique voice, Jeremy Camp is a well known Christian vocalist. He's also a pastor's son (a PK), surprised, huh?

    Lyrical Message: Since he's Christian, I guess the message would be more towards the Christian walk.

    Musically: Though many have criticized that the arrangements of his songs are terrible, I'd say that for some (like Take You Back) are quite interesting. One have to take note how the songs are recorded too.

  4. Jaclyn Victor
    Yet again, the Malaysian power house.
    I just cannot understand how on earth could she have such a beautiful and strong voice.
    Besides watching her sing in Malaysian Idol, I witnessed her singing LIVE in KLCC while setting up the sound system for her. And honestly, I had a shock of my life.

  5. Kelly Clarkson
    All hail the first American Idol.
    And yes, you've guessed it. It's her voice that captivates me.

    She has produced three albums: Thankful, Breakaway, and My December.
    Simon Cowell even said that she "will be here [the music industry] for 30 years. She has one of the best pop voices in the world right now" (source: Wikipedia - My December). And I believe this reaffirms her unique ability.

  6. Christina Aguilera
    Even if all blonds are dumb, some of them can actually sing. And I mean sing. Christina, with an excellent powerful voice, has been in the music industry since 1998. With the capacity to venture into pop, jazz, and blues, Christina has produced albums that sold more than 30 million.

    Christina has won many awards including five Grammy Awards. Wikipedia has a list of awards won by Christina Aguilera, and you won't be surprised that somebody with such a powerful and beautiful voice won that many awards.
There's a difference between good and great.
And the defining factors would be
the extent of development of talent
and the outcome of perseverance.

I've heard great bands and vocalists, and I cannot stop at mediocrity.
Perseverance is the only path to take.
Success is the only goal to reach.

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