- Thursday, October 11, 2007

Music Starts After Grade 8

True music starts after grade 8, and I can testify to that.

When I was younger, I always viewed classical music as boring and uncreative. To me, music was something living (and it is still) that I can manipulate with - not following recorded notes and expression directions indicated at the score.

Then I met this teacher, a man with his principles in learning and approaching music, a man capable of playing excellent music and explaining theory. Assuring me that music before grade 8 is nothing, he challenged me indirectly and drilled me psychologically to pursue music. And I did.

After years of torment, music began to shape itself into my mind. My mindset of music as boring changed (and I wasn't even aware of it) and I began to see classical music as interesting. I began to learn how to manipulate the notes and expressions to my advantage although my teacher seldom tells me I'm improving.

I joined plays and musical dramas, and slowly I learned.

After completing grade 8, I decided to go for diploma and venture into the world of music. That was when true music started. Glancing through the pieces I've played when young, I realized that I have misjudged them. Perhaps such negative mentality blocked my ability. And now, I find joy in playing the piano. There were periods when I felt the music was dry, but then I would always search for reasons to 'wet' my appetite for music.

My teacher told me that I can play, though not as well as some other studies he has and suggested that perhaps it is the instrument I have - I have a reconditioned upright Yamaha piano, which cannot produce good sound. I hope to switch to a baby grand or a grand piano, if possible. Financially, I know that this isn't possible, but I hope for the best.

True music starts after grade 8. Musicians, take my word, for I have experienced the reality of this statement. Use the time you're taking to learn your instrument well, make every attempt to perfect and master the instrument. Nothing is impossible only if you say otherwise.

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