- Wednesday, October 03, 2007

None Will Make It

Picture adapted from Deviantart

Solemn was spelled all over his face as he ascended the pulpit steps. Turning to look at the complacent congregation, he leaned against the Bible stand before him and peered into each member's eyes, scrutinizing them. His glare bore warning and uneasiness blanketed the church of 12,000 members.

He paused for a long time, his mind searching for words to say. He recalled the past - how hard he worked to get the number of members grow from 10 to 12,000; how many sleepless nights he had endured, kneeling at his bedside, praying earnestly with tears rolling down his face; how many painful conversations he had with members unconcerned of their spiritual life. He sighed.

Members looked at him, wondering why was he standing on the pulpit wordlessly. They examined his face. For twenty years, their pastor - Pastor Henry - had poured out an immeasurable extent of energy, effort and time to raise this church; it was everything he had and everything he wanted to see grow.

Pastor Henry stood there, breathing heavily. His heart felt like a sinking ship drowning into the deepest seas. How should he begin his sermon when he knew what God had told him to do? How could he say such things? People of this era wanted to hear what they wanted to hear - prosperity and blessings, and nothing else. How could he say otherwise? But at the same time, how could he defy God's commands? How could he go against the Almighty God? How could he be disobedient, what more, to the King of kings?

Whispers began reverberating throughout the large hall. People began bending toward their friends, whispering questions concerning the Pastor. No doubt they were curious, hoping nothing was wrong with Pastor Henry. But what they saw wasn't what they thought; he looked petrified for a moment, and hasn't been speaking since ascending the stage. Normally, Pastor Henry would begin his message with enthusiasm and a broad smile; but he had solemnness on his face this morning.

"Church," finally Pastor Henry begun, "I did not prepare my sermon this morning." The congregation began speaking to each other, shocked at what Henry had just said. A pastor was supposed to have his sermon prepared every Sunday. That was his job.

"Revelation has spoken of seven churches, and these churches represent the present churches. The sins mentioned in those churches are also present in churches these days. However, there was only one church that wasn't condemned but praised. It is Philadelphia." Pastor Henry's words were sharp and distinct. Noises lessened as they listened to their pastor speak.

"You see, churches are representatives of God on this earth. Members of the church spread the gospel, usher souls into the kingdom of God. At the same time, they are to observe certain things like reading the Bible, praying, fasting. They are to retain their first love for God and hold His steadfast love to their hearts, never forgetting the gospel that so freely saved them and the God who loved them when they're unlovable.

"However, people have became complacent these days, and such attitude influences their first love for God, their steadfastness to God's everlasting love. People, this morning, I ask this question: How much do you love God?"

Dead silence. Nobody talked. Nobody blinked. Nobody moved.

"I tell you the truth, my dear church: none of you will make it to heaven."

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