- Monday, October 01, 2007

One of the Weirdest Places in KL

... is University Malaya.
Here's why:

  1. It is an important day. Dato Seri Ong Ka Ting is expected to arrive for this annual Mooncake Festival presentation. Students had to wait for at least 2 hours to get into the hall. The funny thing is with such educated people, they do not know how to line up. It's a sad thing that I do not have the chance to snap the picture because I was squashed from the front, behind and beside, which isn't a good feeling because I could actually feel the guy's you-know-what who was squeezing behind me. >.< I was actually also quite amazed that I saw a few older people (whom I assume are lecturers or perhaps more senior students) squeezing with the young ones too!

  2. Take a look at University Malaya and forget about all comments about the place. What image do you have of the place? I tell you, they use so much money building stuffs (I do not know what to call it because it's near the Perdanasiswa) and putting flags that slop to the ground when it's wet (aren't flags supposed to be high up even when it's wet?), and have no money to at least fix the lights or change the bulbs? They've been flickering on and off for at least five times (and I only stood there for 15 mins!)

  3. The funny thing is they consider people who purchase the tickets of the event 'normal'. Oh goodness, perhaps a definition of 'normal' is needed. Do you mean sexuality-wise? Or psychology-wise? Or emotionally? Or what? I mean, to watch an annual play (okay, slashing of the hoo haa about Ong Ka Ting's arrival and speech), you label citizens of Malaysia 'normal'?

    I was so thrilled to know that I'm normal.

    What more, three times normal! (And this was how Joanne Soo looked like when gratefulness overwhelmed her. At last, we were acknowledged as triple-normal persons! All hail to the triple-normality!)

  4. I did not eat a full mooncake this time because I was kinda traumatized when I saw such a huge ugly mooncake placed on the stage.

  5. And can you believe that they loop irritating songs on and on and on and on. Sitting there not even more than an hour, and I've heard stupid advertisement songs for more than ... 10 times I suppose until I was staring at the LCD projector. What more, they even played Digi's Yellow Man 'I Will Follow You' advertisement for stupid 15 times (this is before I left the horrifying place). Can you imagine how traumatized I am after listening to 15 times of 'I Will Follow You' and seeing some stupid yellow man jumping up and down who needs some serious weight loss?
BUT. I like this...

Interesting, huh?

Last but not least, for those who want their brain cells stimulated, you could join this contest run by PTEAO (Pig Take Egg Associate Organization). All are welcomed to join (except for those who went to UM with me). All you have to do is to guess whose eyes this is. The winner will get something.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


joanne liyeng said...

mata siapa tu??

Suit Lin said...

entah lah wei. Susahnya nak teka. >.<

Jon Chu said...

xD (and a very HUGE laughter)

EdRyAnNe's sToRy said...

ur friends' eyes?? how i know oO..haha.

oh u went to de UM tanglung festival arr..me too!! but i'm at de back stage..xD

Jon Chu said...

Oh, serious? Yeah. I went there. But I left super duper early. >.<

hahaha.. well... (about the eyes)