- Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

Type: Fantasy
Adapted: from a storybook
Rate: 4/10

I would gladly assume that it is not as superb as the book is.
This movie had quite good effects, but the climax wasn't enough.
(Perhaps I'm quite a difficult person to please,
especially when it comes to fantasy.)
Personally, I think even the not-so-awesome Eragon did better than The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.

Will Stanton is a Seeker. The Dark is rising, with the Rider as the leader.
With the ability to summon fire and light, move objects, call forth great strength,
Will is to search for six signs to defeat the Dark.
With each sign found, his powers grow while the Dark gains power.

Will goes through a roller coaster of questions.
He wonders why must he be the Seeker. Perhaps it wasn't him.
Little did he know that he being a Seeker was putting his family members at stake.
Should he decide to forgo this innate responsibility,
he is jeopardizing not only his life, but his family and the whole world's lives.
Hence, he decided to accept the role (not that he had any choice)
and began his search for the signs.

Learning of his identity from the old ones, he goes through emotional struggles.
Finding sign after sign, his power rises.
On the other hand, his foe's power is increasing too.
The Rider - the antagonist - growls with wrath.
He couldn't bear to see the Seeker win and decides to go all out to stop Will.

With fate at his side, Will succeeds in finding five signs.
With the sixth sign remaining, he wonders about its location,
for it was never hidden from him.

The Rider manipulated his brother to force Will
to surrender the signs.
Will struggles with his brother.
Finding himself with a physical combat with his brother,
Will summons strength and outbeat his brother.

When all fails, and his questions were without answers,
Will still had the Old Ones to stand by his side.
"I believe in you, Will," was imprinted on his mind.

Desperation came. The Dark used a lady to charm him.
But the attempt failed. Will succeeded in finding the last sign,
thus giving him the power to gain victory.
The battle waged. The Dark failed. Will won.

I think that the plot could have been better. Instead of predictability, the movie could've used unpredictable events. Nevertheless, it was not bad, perhaps a little lower than average.

Perhaps I have to read the book to judge it.

I would've appreciated if the climax was better.

Not quite bad. Some of the scenes had effects enough to captivate the viewer, but some just failed miserably. While watching, I was waiting for more of Will's character to be depicted.

This won't be a show I'd watch another time. Unlike LOTR or Eragon, it didn't have a superb storyline (not that Eragon had a good one either. The book did thousand times better).


eyeris said...

the director, and everyone else involved in this movie should be shot, drawn, and quartered for making this travesty of an 'adaptation'.

Go read the book. It's WAAAAY better than this piece of crap movie...

Jon Chu said...

HAHA. I'm currently sourcing out for the book now. I think I must get to kinokuniya to try since I doubt mph has it.