- Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Temporary Leave Off

I've been considering a lot about this, and it really tempts me to more thinking, and perhaps impulsive deciding should I not give enough thought to it. Right now in my life, though I'm contented with things as they are, somehow deep inside me I find myself wanting more.

More abilities (not Flight, Telekinesis, Astral Projection or Levitation). More time (I think many feel the same as I). More space (to express myself). More money (haha, who doesn't want it?). And many more.

My consideration: I want to temporarily stop college for 2-3 months and just focus on music and see how far I can go.

But just as always, there are so many things to consider. My parents, my finance (which I have to work out myself), college fees, yada yada yada. Suddenly I just feel this pang of guilt should I stop college for 2-3 months and just do music... will it justify my parents' hard earned money? Would I be fair to them? They expect a lot from me. Will I be living up to their expectations?

I wonder.

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