- Friday, October 05, 2007

A Walk to Remember

I remember the time when I watched Maid in Manhattan because two of my friends wanted to watch it so badly and insisted that I go with them, I actually slept throughout the movie. It was so boring, boring and boring. To me, love stories always end in the typical manner (you and I know what it is) and yada the happily-ever-after feeling, which is kinda old school and horribly boring. I know many girls out there are still hoping for such an experience that a tall, tanned and handsome guy would come by and stare into their eyes charmingly, flash a gorgeous smile that takes their breath away and say, "Girl, I love you." But I think all these are just... adolescent fantasy, isn't it?

However, only this love story captivated me and I actually liked it. (Hello, I'm not a really romantic person) A Walk to Remember, starring Shane West and Mandy Moore. It is adapted from a best-selling book which I hope to get my hands on and see how the author write the story.

The reasons I like it:
  • The not-so-typical ending
  • The plot of the story
  • The acting
  • The depicting of emotions
  • Mandy Moore
Perhaps you could try to get your hands on this movie, and you'll know what I'm talking about. :)

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joanne liyeng said...

this movie brought me to Christ. :)