- Monday, November 05, 2007

Cold Water

Friend: Dude, you're a unique special fella.

(Jon's face lits up with gladness)

(Jon thinks: At last! Somebody recognizes my uniqueness and speciality!)

(But Jon tries to act normal...)

Jon (puts on a surprise look): Oh, really? Why do you say that?

Friend: Because nobody understands your jokes.

Jon: -__________-"""

So much for the happiness. *sigh*


Suit Lin said...

haha so poor thing.

at least you know who you're special to. =)

p/s: how sure is your friend that nobody understands your joke anyway, he aint 'nobody' and i bet he doesnt know 'nobody'. XXXXXD

(Now I think no one understands MY jokes heheh)

oh ya, i jst have to........


=) catcha soon.

crys said...

hahahaha!!! rofl... you're such a comedian la... =P keep those funny conversation posts coming!!

zewt said...

hey... no worries man... at least i laughed at this joke :)

Jon Chu said...

[suit] YOU GOOD LA. I... exam oh... *sighs* Whatever I study is not going inside my coconut head. Sigh

[Crys] HAHA. Thanks thanks.

[Zewt] :D