- Saturday, November 17, 2007

Festa Oh La La II

Just as you've guessed, I managed to persuade my parents to bring me to the Penguin Warehouse Sale. Just as you've guessed, the second visit would usher more books to my library. And yes, just as you've guessed, I've spent a lot!

During the first purchase, I bought:
And on the second purchase, I bought...
I'm so freakin' euphoric and hysteric now. I can drown in all this books with joy. Nice books to read!

Click for larger view
Not all books are inside the pictures, fyi

Too bad I can't find Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Sigh. But nevertheless, it was a good purchase, after waiting for such a long time.


I've articles to complete, two pieces to master, notes to study for exam, and yet, I'm not doing any of them. I feel so screwed. Sigh.

But I bought books!!! :D


Heartbreak Kid said...

ooh la la
And I thought I was bad.

Hey you still looking for Neil Gaiman's stardust? I've got two copies. If you want, I can sell it to you for 10bucks.

let me know hey :)

Jon Chu said...

hahaa... you went too?? hmmm... haha.. yeah.. I want the stardust! after all, it's miserable 10 bucks!! hahaha... I WANT I WANT I WANT... :D

Heartbreak Kid said...

sure sure.
oh yes and one other thing. You are a uni/college student are you not? How would you like to be paid to blog for my company? if you are interested, you can check out http://www.doctorjob.com.my

We are paying about RM50 per entry. I know it is just 50, but it can feed your expensive book habit. :)

As for the book, email me lah at blessedsammie@gmail.com :)

Jon Chu said...

HAHA. Thanks. I've mailed you, btw.