- Saturday, November 17, 2007

Festa Oh La La!

What do they look to you?

Remember the Penguin Warehouse sale I told you about? Suit Lin and I went at 9.00am (when it started) and began walking around purchasing until 12 noon. And can you imagine the hysteria we had after paying? It was quite a sum, to be honest, but who on mother dear earth cares? It's books man, come on, books!

You can literally get first hand books as cheap as RM 10/= And these books cost you about RM 35 at MPH or Popular. You just have to come and witness the amount of books waiting for purchase, and the people holding boxes and throwing books into it man!

And guess how many books I bought?

Together, Suit Lin and I bought this many books...

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What are you waiting for?
Books are calling out your names man!
Start your car and drive over to Off Jalan Templar and start purchasing!


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p/s: Eh you kuchi little fries who have happily read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, stop spitting about your mere kuchi success okay? I may be uber outdated, reading the first book of the Harry Potter series NOW, that doesn't mean I'm a poor thing that needs your kuchi little musings, okay?


eyeris said...

Ah! To be able to ask my parents to pay for a haul of books like that....
unfortunately, I still need to makan, or I'd have three times the number of books you have now. hahaha

Jon Chu said...

HAHA... I went for a second purchase... and guess what... my parents hopped along and the bill came up to RM 500 plus.. HAHA...

teMMe said...

who bought mirrormask???
omg how much was it?

Jon Chu said...

RM 30. Suit Lin bought it. You want? You should go go go go go go.
That book is super limited!

Lesley said...

Hi I'm a friend of Pam's =).
Is the book sale still on now?

Jon Chu said...

Hey Lesley,

Unfortunately, no. The sale is over. The last day of the sale was 21st November. But it was certainly a good sale. ;)

If you missed this sale, it's alright. Why not start saving bit by bit from now. I heard that the next sale will be in five years time. Perhaps you can go grab the books that time and demoralize other customers who brought lesser money? hahahaha... :)

Thanks for dropping at my blog and commenting. :)

Jon Chu.