- Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Have A Secret

A very dark secret

And I wish to tell you

But there is one condition which you have to agree to

"What condition?" I hear you ask.

Simple, indeed, very simple.

Even a little girl can do.

Okay, maybe not a little girl.

Even an immature person can do.

Since you're so matured

Since you're so brilliant

I believe






Yes, I can see that you're very anxious to know.

Because you're scrolling down

And down

And down

And down

The condition is

You have to respond


Just Respond

Simple, isn't it?

Now, here's the confession

of the dark dark dark dark dark


Ladies and gentlemen,

equip yourselves with the best armor you can find

find the best talisman you can get


I'm telling you grave truth

Listen intently

Without a noise

Without a sound

Stop breathing a moment

You won't die

Trust me

Pig Take Egg assures you


So here it is

The dark, dark, dark secret

I'm supposed to study, but I'm blogging.

Dark, huh?
Because my parents don't know about it
So I consider it dark enough
to be able to shun the light away
and make you 'sweat'
and call me lame.
But here it is: I can walk.
So it's okay.
I understand.
Very well.
You've known the truth.
So you have to respond.
That was the deal.

Wasn't it?

No. Here's the truth.
I was downloading the newest animation 'Bee Movie' yesterday. I was rather surprised that I took a very short time to download this 700mb file. After downloading it, I decided to check the quality of the file.

Since there were many programs running simultaneously on my laptop, getting VLC Player to load the file took few seconds.

I first heard weird sounds.

Sounds that weren't supposed to be heard in an animation.

And then the image came.

And holy moly!

I got a shock of my life!

It was PORN.

I literally shouted, "OH MY GAWD!"

I immediately deleted it.

That was one of the worst experience I ever had.

Perhaps the worst thing I've done too.

For more information of 'Bee Movie', visit http://www.beemovie.com/.


Suit Lin said...

My respond

As promised

must be

somesort like yours

if not

your effort

will be direly wasted

don't you think?

So what is my response

since you should ask





*runsaway before kena whack*

Jon Chu said...


lawrence_teoh89 said...

very funny hor? Make me scroll down to read everything.. ah.. this is one of ur unique posts.. :P

Jon Chu said...


joanne liyeng said...

it's a girl having gone through plastic surgery to look like guy. the plastic surgery was a mess therefore her, er, his, face was all bubbles and pores.

u two can stop arguing about guy/girl adi. :D

Jon Chu said...


EdRyAnNe's sToRy said...

i'm SWT......(=.=)||||||||
hahaha...xD ya unique enough..lol.=D

Jon Chu said...

ahahaha.. I'm glad you laughed.. :D