- Monday, November 26, 2007

Icon War

Ever wondered if icons have their war while you're away from the computer? No? Perhaps you should reconsider. Here's a glimpse of what happens on your screen when you're not around.

You need flash to view it.


Click to enlarge picture


Aronil said...

Hahaha i've seen that one b4, though looks a tad bit different from the one i saw. Mine started off with the stick drawing in flash and he escaped from the Macromedia flash to the desktop.. hilarious.. i should post it up.

Jon Chu said...

Yeah. Perhaps you should. :D
And I actually found myself very entertained while watching the icons kill each other. xD

Just that the diablo's final blow totally made me go "heh! no more action already ah? so easy die one!?!?" LOL