- Saturday, November 17, 2007

An Opportunity

Thanks to my beloved Joanne Soo - my niece - I happened to have this chance to interview several young entrepreneurs. It was a very rewarding and exciting experience. I mean, how many chances would you have meeting these important people? They are:
Too bad I don't have pictures of me posing with them. :) I'm sure Joanne Soo has. :)

Here are some pictures of the day. I just can't say enough to say I'm really, really, really thrilled! Now I understand why Joanne is so INTO and hyped up about YouthMalaysia. And I tell you, if I had the time and space (not that I'm fat), I'll say 'yes' to working with Joanne without a second thought.

Click for larger view.


For those who're interested in working (or doing internship/part-time job/whatever) at YouthMalaysia, or should you have any further inquiries, you can contact Joanne Soo at joanne[@]youthmalaysia[dot]com

She would be the best person to tell you the qualifications needed, and so forth. And oh yes, two very, very, very important prerequisites are teachableness and willingness to learn.


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