- Monday, November 12, 2007

Pokemon - A Danger

Young people, after years of growing up with the famous anime series - Pokemon - has it ever occurred to you that it might be dangerous? Have you ever had a reason to fear it? Perhaps you've a reason to do so.

According to Yahoo, Pokemon is one of the hottest banned games. To what reason? Here's an excerpt:

Nintendo's smash hit Pokemon series earned a ban not for its devastating addictiveness or terrible TV show spinoffs, but for promoting Zionism. Who'd do something like that? That Mecca of religious tolerance, Saudi Arabia, that's who. The Islamic state's religious authorities handed down a ban on all Pokemon material in 2001 over the game's use of six-pointed Star of David symbols and alleged encouragement of gambling. Pikachu, I ban you!

Excerpt taken from Video Games Nasties.
Now, what say ye, my friends?

For more info, click Video Games Nasties.

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