- Friday, November 16, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away II

I assume you guys know what happened recently after I sang, if you do not know about it (or have not read about it), visit Rain Rain Go Away.

The windscreen wiper was terrible before it was fixed. Whenever it rained, I had to be super careful because the screen simply wouldn't be clear! That was partly why I dislike rains when I'm driving. The other reason would be the horrific jams. Gosh, think about the petrol and energy used just to endure some stupid jam!

You see, due to 1 whole week of having 4 hours of sleep each day, my voice is totally out. The highest note I can hit comfortably right now is only the miserable D, whereas the normal one would be F#.

I've forgotten about this, and sang again. Yes, the clouds came. And lo and behold, it rained. But it wasn't that bad this time because it only began after I stepped into my house.

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