- Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Your Own Work of Art

I've recently found this website which I think is fabulous. Since exams is around the corner and stress abounds from day to day, perhaps this is the time you get to do your own work of art.

Nope, it's not the kind of drawing you're thinking about. It's abstract.

But I think it's very, very, very fun!

Click here:

Some tips to make a colorful art:
1. Just move your mouse across the screen
2. Click the left button of the mouse if you want to change color. (I'm sorry, but no, you can't choose your color. It's random)
3. Press 'space' should you want to clear the screen.

Here is my initial work of art:


Good Boy Gone Bad said...

To you it could be an art, to some people it may be a junk. But to me, as long as you have an intention to make it an art, it will be an art. Wahahahaha did I confuse you? Hey dude, good luck in ya exam whoa! :D

Jon Chu said...

Yeah. Just as beauty lies the eyes of the beholder, art lies in the eyes of the viewer.

And thanks. Exams is driving me insane - at least for now. :)