- Friday, December 28, 2007

Before Farewell

You see, my dear blogger friends, I will be going to Port Dickson for two days. I have taken into consideration the importance of 'feeding' you with something, so here it is... some pictures to make you either go "aww" or "Roll On Floor Laughing (ROFL)". Enjoy.


I wonder if the boy is reeeeallly unfearful.
The dog might bite his nose off, for goodness' sake!

So I guess the boy and dog grew up,
and they learnt how to comfort each other.
So the heck - dogs are men's best friend.
Point reinforced in I Am Legend.

I wonder if they (both man and dog)
underwent a major make over. GEE.


HAR HAR. Poor you. Told you not to mess with birds.
They SHIT - big time. (so do you. But problem is, you can't aim your shit at people.)

Dogs are men's best friend.
Point shown. Is it taken? Blek.

What a warning, huh?

I guess people just have to learn how to aim correctly.

This just reminds me A LOT about my childhood
when I would get up from bed and huuuuuuum
"It's Pinkie and the Brain, Pinkie and the Brain,
One is a genius, the other's insane!"
Childhood memories, childhood memories
Darn! I'm getting poetic and it's 2AM!

Okay, this might be a bit... bad (I'm out of words now. Don't know why)
But I was laughing when I saw this picture. XD
Reminded me of White Chicks.
"OH MY GOD! I'm getting a BITCH FIT!"
Okay. go to a corner and laugh.


So yes, I'll be leaving. Do not forget to vote for me, my friends. :)
Meanwhile, HAVE FUN FOLKS! :)

These pictures are taken from here and here.


Susanno said...

Oh thats so funny and cute :) but i scared with the last one :P

Thanks for sharing

Best Wishes

Jon Chu said...

Hey Susanno,

Haha. Thanks. :)

Sue Me said...

that seal pic is like chucky in child's play..its the animal version of child'splay.scary wei..lol..

Jon Chu said...

serious? hahaha... never thought it could be that funny, right? LOL.

I was like... yeeeer... when I saw that pic. XD

CresceNet said...

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Sue Me said...

jon..take down the seal pic la..damn disturbing u know..everytime when i spam ur cb,its like staring at me..yikes!