- Saturday, December 01, 2007

If I Were God

One of my creations would look like this

Because that's only the little amount of creativity I have

But I'm sure you in all your creativity

Would be more creative than me

So why not you try?

Create the face you want - for yourself or for your creation. XD

Just click the picture below:

And you will be led to your laboratory, which will look like this:

Cool huh?

So GO and get your face now! Or your creation's face!


EdRyAnNe's sToRy said...

another interesting website..=D
i created a face( a leng lui)too..^^ haha!xD
will published in my blog one day..=P

Jon Chu said...

haha.. okok... :D got girls' stuffs ah? I thot it was only for guys. hahaha... as in ... only guys faces are available.. maybe I didn't went through it thoroughly.. :D

EdRyAnNe's sToRy said...

haha..i oso thought dat..but then when i go thru it got la..girls' hair vry limited ony. no style wan.haha..xD God creat both male & female la..=P

Jon Chu said...

hahaha.. maybe I should go and review it again.. :D