- Monday, December 31, 2007

PD Trip

I've been away to PD few days ago. It was a time of enjoyment, reminiscence, and reflection. It was also a timely time of relieving myself.

So, as promised, here are the pictures:

Stayed here. We didn't need to pay for accommodation! :)

The view from the balcony.
I sort of enjoyed the view.

We rested a while, and prepared for some fun time
at the beach, of course.

Yet before that, we celebrated Christin's birthday.

The cake was kinda nice, actually.
I am hungry as I type this. >.< Then, we went to the beach.

I was very fascinated by the crabs.
They're so small, so cute, so feeble.

Seeing them run up and down the beach
fascinated all of us, actually.
Joseph and Jonas began catching crabs, and then flung them
into the ocean. Evil, huh? But they had fun.
I don't know how they found the humor in being evil.

Super duper small crabs. It feels so trapped.
Our fingers look so huge. heh.

Hiding. "OMG!" screams the crab,
"Jon Chu is here! Taking my picture!
I have to hide, I have to hide.
Nope, but I've to show a bit of ma skin.
Pacify the fler. Ngek ngek."

This whole piece of land is filled with crabs.

If only there were larger ones. I would have
caught allll of them, cook them, and devour them!

Crab holes. Fascinating. I don't know why I am soooo fascinated.

Fascinated until I begin taking so many pictures of their homes.

Crabs mating. I'm serious. There are TWO crabs.
And I just HAD to squat there until they finished
DOing it. Am I bad? Why didn't I have the courtesy to give them some privacy.
I told you I'm fascinated!

Brother playing with sand

Sister playing sand.

Jonas and Joseph.
I tell you, these two flers can make everybody
laugh nonstop for ten solid minutes with their words.
They made the journey a very enjoyable one.

Let's bury Jonas!

It was quite a sight. He coughed so hard
while we were almost finishing.
Apparently, sand went into his nose. O.o

There - we decided to make him a turtle.
Brother called him PENYU! XD
He exclaimed 'PENYU' in the middle of the beach
and laughed for three minutes.

The stick is the tail.
We decided that Penyu Jonas had to be a male,
so we put a seashell to show his.. erm.. you know what..
The steeeek, you mean? Oh, it's buried. Too bad. haha.

The dead penyu Jonas. :)


Jonathan: Let's watch the sunrise tomorrow!
Brother: O.o here can watch sunrise?
Joyce: NO! Here where can watch sunrise?
Brother: Here can only watch sunset!
Jonathan: serious? O.o
Brother: What happened to your geography?
Jonathan: forgotten.
Brother: Oh my god.
Jonathan: Let's watch the sunset then!

Not long after, the girls decided to disturb my brother.
They called this the Sand Treatment.
"How to make your leg hair straight," Joyce decided.

1. Apply sand
2. Scrub with hands
3. Massage
4. Do not stop scrubbing and massaging

Tada! Straighter leg hairs!

Joyce: Oh my gawd! Did you do rebonding for your leg hair?
Jonathan: *gulps*

Instead of watching the sunset, we decided to go back to watch the TV
Sad, right? But then, my dad came by and brought us out for food.
This picture was the best scenery picture I snapped. :D

We went out and bought those huge packets FULL
of junk food.

We finished most of the junk food within two hours
while playing pictionary.

Pictionary board!

The next day, we went to Ostrich farm.
It was an o-kay trip for me.

Feed the poor hungry ostriches, people!
They peck hard! I'm serious!

I've never seen such chickens!
They have yellow hairs!

You can sit on ostriches if you want.
But I did not give it a try.

Brother holding crocodile. The croc is two years old, FYI.

Joyce with Mr. Croc. And by the way,
its a female called Manja. What a name, huh?

We went to Seremban for lunch.
Here's the tasty Seremban beef noodle.
Sorry peeps, because I forgotten to take the shop's name. >.< The noodles is fabulous! Definitely worth the money!

Beef balls. Quite okay, I think.

So, yes, PD, I was there.
It was a great trip. I thought through a lot
and made some resolutions too.
And the best was, I came to terms with certain
personal things. That was a breakthrough for me. :)

Pig Take Egg aka "Zhu Na Dan" aka Jon Chu was here.
So this sums up my whole PD trip. :)


Suit Lin said...

Whyyyyy no pictures of you one?

and I wonder why aren't the crabs extinct or smthg, from over-Jon-Exposure.

Jon Chu said...

I don't breathe poison, suit. they wont die at the sight of me. besides, I doubt they see my WHOLE face. XD

Suit Lin said...

I want pictures of YOU, I am more than sure that I can see the whole face. XD

you emit these scent of extreme-crab(crap)ness ma, XD anything inferior than you, will just cower in the sand.

Suit Lin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

walao!! Your post make me jealous.. lol..

But one thing.. is the animal real? I mean that baby crocodile? I would not dare to hold it.. lol

Jon Chu said...

HAHA, Lawie.

It's a real baby crocodile. I didnt hold it too. :D