- Sunday, December 09, 2007

Perfect Figure

The society has always put a lot of emphasis on the perfect female figure
by highlighting certain stars like

Angelina Jolie from the latest Beowulf

Jessica Alba from Into the Blue

and... Kristin Kreuk from Smallville

For the perfect male figure, the few 'role models' would be...

Gerard Butler from 300

Paul Walker from Into the Blue

and Rain (to bring it nearer)

With the perception of 'perfect figure' changed by the mass media,
doesn't it seem right to think that the perfect figure is the perfect figure?

Admit it, guys especially, that not everybody can have the perfect figure.

What good is there to have the perfect figure?
To get attention? - Are you desperate for attention?
To find the one? - Is that the only way to find love?
Is life nothing more than just getting attention and finding the one?


So here it is: you do not need the perfect figure to live life to the fullest.

Stop. Just stop thinking that getting the perfect figure is important.

Stop thinking that getting the perfect figure is being healthy - that is a HUGE mistake.

Stop thinking - oh, just stop thinking, will you - that getting the perfect figure is being accepted. Because the truth is, you're nowhere near acceptance. You are your worst enemy and best friend. Take that.

For girls, if you're fat (let's be transparent for a moment)...

  1. You can at least be not as disillusionized as those who have perfect figure.

  2. You may have lesser friends,but at least you know that your friends befriend you NOT because you are pretty,but because of who you are.

  3. If you have a boyfriend,you can at least be assured that he is your boyfriendnot because of your figure,but because of your personality,or the sparkling smile you have, or the mysterious eyes he sinks in whenever he gazes into your eyes,or the charisma you possess, or because you are terribly unique that he has no other ways of describing you.

  4. So what you are fat? Do you know that body shape fades away, but what stays with you until you die OR until you lose your brains is the intelligence you have.Kinesthetic intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, music intelligence, and logical-mathematical intelligence. Surely you possess at least one. Why sadden over some shape that will fade away when you grow older?

So you mean that I should just eat myself away and grow FAT?!?! All I am saying that you should not aim for the perfect figure so much that you either diet or exercise too much that you hurt yourself. Which is more important - your miserable shape that will disappear sooner or later or your health? You decide.

For guys, if you're FAT, perhaps you should just look at what is suggested at the girl's side (not that you're a ... erm ... you know. HAHA.); but if you're thin (like me), why not be happy with your shape?

  1. You can eat anything without worrying about your size. You can eat ice-cream, drink coffee, or whatever that is fattening you can think of and not get fat. Isn't is a miracle from God?

  2. You can STOP worrying about petite immature girls who stare at handsome guys and only stick to them. You've found your circle of friends who accept you as you are. Don't try to be somebody you are not.

  3. You can STOP worrying about your girlfriend. I've asked many girls about their boyfriends, and somehow, body size isn't the main problem to them. They look for personality; how are they supposed to live with a guy they can't tolerate and be happy with? So take note of your personality and attitudes, that is what that matters most.

  4. You need not pay so much to Fitness First in hope of losing weight. Of course exercise is important, but you do not need to exercise like a mad cow just to get that few miserable pounds out of your body.

  5. You won't be wedged so easily. A larger person has to be squeezed in a packed mall, but you can zig zag around as if you're Flash!

  6. You most probably will have long legs, which means faster walking pace.

  7. You most probably will have the brains. My friend commented that every thin guy she knew was either an absolute bookworm or a very clever dude; she thinks that thin guys are brilliant.
There you go. Aren't these reasons good enough? Stop trying to be somebody you're not. Instead, work towards bettering your attitude, character, behaviors, and personality. Of course, never neglect your health.


~BeCkY~ said...

Okay, I really the the zig zagging like The Flash part.

It's very funny la. Hahahaha!!!!

phingy said...

good one =D

debbie said...

yup i agree with you! wow!!! u really read too much lor, but anyhow u're definitely in the right course - mass comm. ;p

Jon Chu said...

[becky] HAHAHA... glad u like it.. xD

[phingy] =D

[debbie] read too much meh? =.=""" hahaha

EdRyAnNe's sToRy said...

wa..sp many types of "intelligence" u have mentioned..u REALLY read a lot..haha.xD but what u say is true..=) haha how also, girls like beauty..their nature.lolz..nowadays, guys too.some worst then girls..@@"

EdRyAnNe's sToRy said...

*than girls =P

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

thank you so much for this post!

Jon Chu said...

I thought both of them are equally vain? *scratch head*

:) You are welcomed. :D

vanessaaaaa said...

I think you made a great deal of sense. But the pity is that, girls are still gonna go diet. Ha. Awww. It's really depressing. It used to be a praise when others mentioned that your wife is voluptuous or, plump. Haha. But it's completely different in this era. I wish I lived in the past. Haha.

Jon Chu said...

[vanessa] you're very true, haha. :) this shows how much our perceptions have been changed. Should we promote such thoughts? Now, that's a thought. :)

Anna said...

I wonder who gave them the right to justify people based solely on a persons' figure or looks... I mean like,just because someone is fat it doesn't make him/her an alien right???

Jon Chu said...

I guess it's what the media's idea that has changed the perception of pretty. Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the beholder is still under other kinds of influences. And as long as those influences are around, the idea of 'fat being pretty' will be rather difficult to achieve.

And yes, one's body shape/size does not make one an alien. This is a common misconception almost everybody in the society has befell.

Gerard said...

Whoa!!!lots of hot looking people in there!!!Oooo[droolz]..Alba.....sweet....Haaaha...well,yea..its sooo true how the conception of 'thin is in' or 'buff is tough'[lolz] from the media has created a catastrophe among us humans..its like the whole J'Lo butt thing that became an instant craving to be added in the must-have'assets' of a perfect figure..but i juz wanna add..its ok to adore figures and shapes of bodies coz i believe the human body is a form of art and its appealing in many many various ways[hehe]C'mon..we are all sexual beings after all..but to actually go to the extreme to be a lookalike of model figures and celebrities is just very,very..unhealthy!its like a cucumber being a carrot wannabe..yikes..thats kinda lame example but its really true..itjuz cant happen..itwill never happen!...and we wil be in utter dissapointment 4 the rest of our miserable and pathetic short-lives...or at least until we reach a certain age,surrendering to the reality of becoming grey and older-then..its too late to appreciate our own 'beauty'.i dont think its entirely the media's fault la..cos people are never satisfied with what they possesss..its always about the minor 'flaws' that they havent repaired and not acheiving the right frame in terms of body figure..its like u think that ur too fat and u decide to lose weight and when that happens successfully..u then think that ur too thin...so that becomes a problem and u try to gain weight again..this trait of discontentment is soo annoying!!its like a bladdy circle or a merry-go-round that aint gonna stop until we ourselves come to our senses!Gosh..cant we juz be content and stop pushing towards insensible perfections??Nope,i dont think so...for most of us.Overall it doesnt matter whether we are fat or thin looking..as long as WE feel good about our own self-image and confident we are in the right track health-wise.Anyways..like u questioned Jon..juz dont do things to change yourself for all the wrong reasons[fake boobs is soo wrong..lol!!]..hit the gym coz u wanna stay fit as a fiddle,NoT to gain acceptance or to find love..lol..haha..yeah..there is more to life..always!Cheers dude!

Jon Chu said...

Fuyoh. Gerard!
Thanks for commenting - and a looong one! :D
Appreciate your presence, and do drop by often. :)

Anonymous said...

You are just mad because you are a stick.

Jeannette Goon said...

I wouldn't go for a fat guy that looks like he's fat because he binges on foods with high sugar content. Because it's a sign of a lack of self-discipline. Aiya, actually I just have a problem with fat people. One of my worst fears is being fat.

I do love looking at good bodies though. The idea of the "perfect figure" for guys has existed since the time of the Ancient Greeks. Simon Goldhill writes about it in his book Love, Sex and Tragedy, which talks about the importance of studying the classics in the search for our identities.

Basically, the beauty of the muscular figure is that it is FUNCTIONAL. I dislike the muscles that look like they've been put on by long hours in the gym. I prefer the ones that look like they're there due to usage. The latter requires more perseverance because it's not just about putting on, it's about losing the fats underneath as well. Real athletes have the latter.

Of the three pictures you put up, only Paul Walker's is acceptable. Rain's is a joke. HAHA...Ryan Reynolds has a beautiful, beautiful body.

For women, the idea of the "perfect figure" has evolved A LOT over time. The skinny women of today would have been atrocities in the past.

I'm partial to the more androgynous figures. Keira Knightley, Ellen Page. I love collarbones and shoulderblades. Yum.

I should have written a blog post la...hehe. Instead of leaving such a long comment. But eh, we can have a whole long discussion about this. I love the human body. Sometimes I want to be an anatomical artist.

Jeannette Goon said...

Here are two quotes from his book:

"The young men have a tanned complexion from the sun, manly faces; they reveal spirit, fire, manliness. They glow with fabulous conditioning: neither lean or skinny, nor excessive in weight, but etched with symmetry. They have sweated off all useless flesh, and what’s left is made for strength and stamina, and is untainted by any poor quality."

"The body should be, as Lucian insists, lean but well built—bulked up from exercise but not fat or over-muscled like a modern body-builder. The muscles should be well defined (‘etched’) with a six-pack stomach and cut pectorals, and the torso should reveal an iliac crest, the sharp line or fold running above the groin and up over the hip, a physical characteristic that can be revealed only when the muscles are very strongly developed but the body is exceptionally lean—and which Greek sculptures emphasize in a way impossible to achieve in real life. Thighs are powerful, calves sharply articulated, penis small (always), and, since these are beautiful young men, they have no beards yet, but they do have carefully done hair."

Appearance if the outward manifestation of our inner characteristics. I always have messy hair because I'm scatter-brained and forget to comb it. I also forget to eat and so I am skinny and completely unvoluptuous.

I think that what matters is that a person is happy with who he or she is as a person.

Okay, I think I will blog about this after all.

Chev said...

Anonymous has issues.

I keep telling myself day in day out that I should be happy with my figure. But hard la Jon. Haha.

But that's why, celebrities like Hayden Pannettiere (sp?), Holly Marie Combs, and Hilary Duff give me hope! They're a healthy size and still so beautiful. :)