- Saturday, December 08, 2007

What Would You Do

if you just hated, hated, hated, and hated a website?

Just admit it - that it is so difficult to damage a website, after all you can't whack it you whack your boss if you hate your boss. So what can you do?

Here is a suggestion - your antidote.

Introducing... Net Disaster. Yes, you can bring 'natural' disasters to websites, especially the ones you dislike.

With just a few clicks, you can decide how will the website be bombarded. Your choice, absolutely.

You can make the website to be filled with cow dungs.

or be pee-ed on...

or you could use God Almighty's hand to send down disasters onto the website, like this!

Or to stomped by dinosaurs

but most of all, this is my most favorite (perhaps you can start guessing, or you would have already known the answer.)

Yeap. It's because of the egg. the EGGGGGGS! How on earth will I want to call myself 'Pig Take Egg' if I dislike eggs? Make great sense, huh?

So, do you want to bombard a website?

Do make goooood use of it, you know? :)

Note: Please note that I have nothing against Yahoo.com
So happened I had yahoo.com in my head when I was thinking of a website to bombard.

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