- Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dream and Live

Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die tomorrow

Many times we fidget and worry about the future while seeing ourselves entangled within the past. Is that the way we should live our lives? Is that the way our 'performance' should be?

Would you want to enter heaven and look back at your life as it flashes before you, scene by scene, moment by moment, and regret with the thought of not doing what you really can do and not reaching your optimum performance in life? I wouldn't.

Perhaps this is why I am so busy.

I want to accomplish so many things. I want to be good in what I'm doing. I want to do well. I want to give my optimum best. I want to say 'I did it' in a satisfactory manner.

I want to enjoy life in a way that not many can do so - by being busy and doing well.

After all, life is to be enjoyed and learnt from. The manner of learning is different for everybody.

What's yours?


crys said...

awesome quote. love it. =)

c.i.L.y said...

i always do it though. there are things that i know i will regret doing it one day.. but i dun wanna live n keep asking myself, "why didnt i do it?"

lawrence_teoh89 said...

Erm.. you are busy? but still you manage to read all those wonderful books woh.. Which I don't even have the time to read it.. sigh..

I guess stardust have to wait till after STPM as all the subjects is damn difficult and require most of my time.. sigh..

Jon Chu said...

thanks. :D

I fear, too, that one of the greatest regret I would ever have is asking the similar question, "Why didn't I attempt doing it."

Heh. Busy but still can time manage mar. :D stardust can wait until your kid comes out oso can! haha