- Sunday, January 13, 2008

Freakish Hairdo

Photobucket hates me. I tried entering it but failed so many times.
I received this email from Deborah, and I think it's rather funny. (I showed the mail to my family, and my father laughed until his face turned red - which rarely happens.)

Click for larger view

Now, what say you? Funny?


usws said...

Photobucket can be quite slow sometimes... You need to turn off everything else to access it.

Its getting harder to make me laugh these days... even comedies like Chuck and Larry annoy me. Funny though how i laughed when i watched 30 Days of Night - the scene where the guy's head gets crushed.

OMG, i must be sick!


p.s. Brain sick.
p.s.p.s. Achmed makes me laugh though "Silence! I killll you.." LOL

Michelle said...

nice blog you have here and that kid looks funny and cute. have a good day!

Rickavieves said...

really so funny baby :))

pervertism101 said...

Sure, but how are u gonna pass it to me? XP

Terry Goodkind's writing never really interested me
I tried running with the demon but never got far.

Terry brooks, however is good. I want to try his Armageddon Children.

HAve you read the Nightwatch series? How about Tom Holt?

Jon Chu said...

[usws] Serious? Sigh. And I understand how it feels to be stop finding humor in things I would normally find humor in. I guess it's a sign that we are... urm. aging? HAHA

[michelle]thanks! :) come by more often ya! :D

[rickavieves] thanks! :D

[pervertism101] erm. perhaps find a day to meet up? Terry Brooks? I bought a few of his books, but had no time to start reading them. :D And no, I've not read Tom Holt's books. :D

pervertism101 said...

Where is life college exactly? You live in their hostels? Sure. But I'm having industrial training so I won't be free very often.

Wait, you're saying you have his books but haven't read them yet? OMG.

I know it sounds corny but I've just finished reading P.S I love you.

Jon Chu said...

Nope, I don't live in Hostels. Life College is in Old Town, PJ. :)

Yes. I haven't read them. O.O why ah?

Oh. Is it nice? Have you read Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper?

pervertism101 said...

I've never read jodi's books. No recommends.Is it good?

It's ok, but I prefer nick sparks. It's bit repetitive (read: whiny) but not overtly so.

So where do u live then?