- Friday, January 18, 2008

Pics for Laughs

Not too long ago while I was de-stressing, I happened to stumble by The Big Bald Blog and found a moment of "What the Heck's" and "ROFL's".

Here are what among the many I found interesting:

OOI! SOTP! SOTP! I asked you to SOTP!
How on earth do you read that?

HAHA. I can go to any petrol stations
and steal petrol! XD

Eh. Mak Cik! You want toilet? There. See that very
far far far far tree? Yes, beside it is the toilet.
Have a nice walk ya!

There are more pictures, but I do not find them that funny though.
But you can have some smiles. ;) Visit here for the pictures. :)


c.i.L.y said...

i've been to the great wall, n yes.. the sign is really there.. but then i cudnt find the toilet le...

usws said...

A: "I need to go to the toilet bad!"
B: "Just face that way and do it.."


I wonder who they got to do the SOTP. I mean, that's just... dumb. XD


p.s. Can't see the second pic for som reason.

barb michelen said...

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Jon Chu said...

[cily] serious ah? Got that sign? OMG. screwed people! LOL

[usws] o.O that scenario is suitable for a guy, but a girl... err... never mind. HAHA...

You can't see the second pic? Serious? How come ah?

c.i.L.y said...

yupp.. there's nothing there. hahaha.. maybe we should pee inside a bottle or bowl? lol

curryegg said...

THat's funny... They spell the wrong stop? Lol... And hello Jonathan... nice to meet you here... ;)