- Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Simply Delicious

If you are craving for delicious food
If you are craving for delicious beverages
Stop your cravings. Instead, ease them.

Introducing the superdelicious Delicious!

What about the atmosphere?
Oh, I tell you, the ambiance there is magnificent.

Simply delicious. Simply delicious.
Even when I look at the spoons and forks and knives
I feel like eating them. HAHA.

So, the main highlight is this:

Good food! The cabonara is tasty!
Deliciously delicious!
Check it out again --->

Believe me or not, they even have their own burger called
Super delicious Burger!

So if you happen to be in 1 Utama, go to the ground floor,
beside Ms Read is Delicious. :) Have a happy time!

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