- Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Value vs Don Value

I've been blog surfing, stumbing by blogs every now and then, and have begun to notice few things. There are a few traits that I value a lot while reading a total stranger's blog (or, a friend's blog); there are, also, things I dislike a lot while reading blogs.

Things I value:
  1. Taking out time to think about concrete ideas (e.g. Not A Good Choice by Phoebe Kim)

  2. Writing with proper English (e.g. Crystal Cha and Joshua Lim)

  3. Writing wittily (e.g. Joanne Soo)

  4. Engaging with emotions, or, in other words, being truthful with oneself (e.g. Suit Lin)
    I honestly think that one should have the freedom to express one's sorrows and grief in one's own blog. After all, blogs today are too commercialized that people hate reading emotional posts.

  5. Take special time to edit pictures (e.g. Kenny Sia)

  6. (See la, peeps, I'm giving you traffic. HAHA.)
Things that I do not value:
  1. Putting music that would play automatically in their blog

  2. Those who type like this: hElLo eVeRyBoDy HoW iS a YoU?

  3. Those who use pseudonym "Anonymous" and make harsh comments
    (Are you that chicken to show who you are?)

What about you? Do you have any other things you do not value?


c.i.L.y said...

i used to put a song that will be played automatically whenever ppl read my blog. hahha.. i was annoyed by it also..then yea.. i din put it anymore.

n yes.. PeoPLE whO tYpE LIke this must attend their primary school again, seriously..

Jon Chu said...

HAHA. true. my computer lags everytime I enter a blog that has music. I have to read very slowly when they TyPe LiKe ThIs. GRR!!!

c.i.L.y said...

Putting songs is okay..but then if we cant stop the song.. It's really annoying..

Jon Chu said...

It's worse if the song is horrigible, terrigible, vegetable! >.<

c.i.L.y said...

hahhaa... From I not stupid, isnt it? Btw.. I dun use gud English either.. Haha.. Lazy to type..but at least my grammar is good. LOL.

Jon Chu said...

yeah. from I Not Stupid. That was one of the funniest movies I have watched. HAHA. :D

AdRIaN said...

haha..actually i kinda of annoyed to my own blog cause it plays music automaticaly..darn! haha..wat to do..

c.i.L.y said...

one more.. i hate it when people put a lot of pics. i mean, pics are nice, but what's the point of putting pics that are almost the same?