- Monday, January 07, 2008

What I've Done

College is starting today (it's 1.11 am now), more assignments, more workloads, more responsibilities are upon my shoulders.

But I'm not really worried about them. What I did was I sat back, thought about my 1 month holidays, wondering what I've accomplished this holiday.

And here's what I've done:
  • Read 2 books - A Walk to Remember and Three Weeks with My Brother, both by Nicholas Sparks
    Yes, I know, it's pathetic. Having bought so many books, yet not reading them; it's a waste. Worry not, I will finish them!

  • Worked real hard

  • Went to several orchestras at MPO

  • Met up with Suit Lin to write the script for Entangled the Musical

  • Written few songs for the Musical, and some of them are:
    Candle in the Dark
    Love You More
    I tell you, I rarely write so many songs within a month!

  • Watched The Illusion

  • Went to Starbucks more than 5 times, and Coffee Bean for 2 times.

  • Watched I Am Legend in the cinema with college mates

  • Spent RM 200++ on purchasing orchestra tickets for 2008 (think I'm crazy?).

  • Watched Moulin Rouge

  • Fell in love with Jewel's voice

  • Went online and blog surfed

Basically, that's it. College starts!

More updates coming ahead! :)


usws said...

Wow, you read books, watch orchestral performances, spend on those performances, write songs, write scripts, blog surf and still have time to go to college? Chunted.. HAHA!


p.s. No time, no time!

Jon Chu said...


I guess I do think I have no time to do all of these. At times, when I look back, I, too, wonder how on earth could I do so much. :)