- Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year RAWR

I envy everybody.

Why? You ask? Oh, because you get to fully enjoy your Chinese New Year without any troubling thoughts. Ah, yes, I am rather hinting my current status. It is rather devastating, I tell you. But nevertheless, I shall triumph. Yes, above the highest possible hills and deepest longkangs, I shall indeed triumph. Persuade me not to do otherwise; for once my mind is set, that is what I shall do.

As those whom I chat with know, I have tons of assignments to do. Whenever I go for visitation, there is this haunting thought that seems to continuous and so triumphantly whisper, "Assignments, assignments... assignments." Gah! Give me a break.

Despite the haunting voices, I think that I have been rather productive during this short holiday. I managed to complete two assignments (hurrah), copy scores, eat (without growing fat. Shaks.), collect a few small angpaus, and... urm... worry more. So, yes, so much for the productivity.

What about your Chinese New Year? Had great fun?


suitlin said...

I think productivity is over-rated anyways. XD

Heartbreak Kid said...

Hey Jon

Glad to hear that your CNY was productive. :) Was just wondering if you would be avail to do some write-ups for me. But looks like you've got your plate full (of assignments and such), so I guess it's a no go hey?

Whatever it is, just let me know when you've got some idle time on your hands. God Bless heaps!

Oh btw, I got those ticks to the Beethoven thingymajie at the MPO. Thanks for the tip :)

- Sam -