- Thursday, February 14, 2008

Malaysian Review

Bloggers everywhere are blogging about and promoting different places to dine at. They talk about where has what special food and how expensive or cheap the food is. However, have you ever wondered: what would it be if reviews about food were compiled at one central place? Wouldn't it be easier for everybody to just go to the site and scroll through places to dine at than googling for places to go to?

Here, presenting Malaysian Food Review. This site is exclusively set up for only reviewing Malaysian food. How better can it be? You need not ask your friends anymore about going to places to eat and pamper your stomach. Instead, just with a few clicks, you can find the perfect spot you want to go to.

Since today is Valentine's Day, why wait? Click on Malaysian Food Review: Valentine's Day Restaurant List and find the perfect spot where you and your partner can enjoy the night with exotic and scrumptious food. Why wait when it is only a click away to a smile to your partner's and your face?

This is not all! If you are rather low in budget, or perhaps the other way round, Malaysian Food Review has even categorized food under price range:
  • RM 0 - RM 10
  • RM 10 - Rm 20
  • RM 20 - RM 30
  • RM 30 - RM 40
  • RM 40 - RM 50
  • RM 50 and above
and also according to the types of cuisines!

So, what are you waiting for? Click to the site and start exploring, and fill your roaring stomachs with heavenly and taste-bud-thrilling food! :)

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ah^kam koko' said...

i've been looking for a review site for Malaysia!

I used to write reviews for dineout.co.nz when i was in NZ...