- Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My First Tasty J. Co

Call me outdated or slow or whatever, I will still joyfully and pridefully announce, "I HAD MY FIRST J. CO! Oh my zombified piggified eggs!"

And I tell you, they are addictively orgasmic. You bite, it melts, you float. How better can it be?

See what I mean? Even at the sight of it, I desire for it. So, who's up to it? *hint hint*

Should you want to get a hold of it, you can visit Sunway Pyramid new wing to get them! But remember, be there early! Or else, you would have to wait. Wait. And... well, wait.

Have fun with J. Co.

p/s: it would, however, be more perfect if it the 'o' was taken away, and a 'hu' was put after the 'c'. XD If you get what I mean...


ah^kam koko' said...

looks good!

- DebBiE - said...

hihi... how much u bought that? izzit quite expensive?

Jon Chu said...

[ah kam]
certainly! It tastes awesome! You should try. I'm serious!

A dozen costs RM 20. :)
But I think it's worth it because the donuts taste so nice!

~BeCkY~ said...

It is so nice, the best donut ever I think as least in Malaysia la(I heard they say CrispyCreme is better although I haven's try it before), so light and fluffy rite, rite?

And it's so much better than Dunkin, because I only can take 2 of them, but with J.co, I can take 4 or 5 pieces!!

I get what you mean, why don't you change your career path and start a donut shop? WHo knows, you might get rich?