- Tuesday, February 12, 2008

That's The Fun Part Being A Teacher

Although being a teacher may be tedious and hellishly painful, sometimes it does pay off to be a teacher, and students' love and care just put a smile on your face.

So, yes, this Chinese New Year, this student of mine put a big smile on my face. She - Nurul - is only 7 this year, and she seldom speaks. A very shy girl who normally nods or shakes her head when you talk to her.


debbie said...

hi... huh when did u become a teacher?

Suit Lin said...

:) so sweet!

I understand the satisfaction.

~BeCkY~ said...

Hey, what do you teach?
Tuition ar?

So cute la the student..

ah^kam koko' said...

I'm looking forward to my first!

Jon Chu said...

[ah kam]
You're a teacher too?



ah^kam koko' said...

I'm training to be a TESL teacher..
I teach etiquette & purpose to people who are teachable too...

jeannie said...

Awww...so sweet!! I've received a small gift from one of my students too when I took a part time job as an English teacher during the holidays. Another student even drew me a cute flower. It might not be a very professional drawing but it means to me a lot. =)
Thinking about piano, I haven't touched my piano for a long time. Miss it very much.

Jon Chu said...

Yeah. Students who give you such simple presents are actually the most heartfelt presents you can ever get.

jeannie said...

yep! Until you can actually forget for a moment how terribly naughty they can be. XD
Oops! Maybe you don't have such problems in dealing with students.lol! But my students can be such headaches at times that I felt like walking straight out of the class! Just kidding. It was still a great experience to deal with children. I learned lots! hmm...Maybe I can consider this career when I graduated. XD

Jon Chu said...

Are you in to music? :)

If you are, why not think about this: let teaching be your part time job so that you can get some allowances while pursuing other 'dreams' like drama, or movie productions, or... you know... et cetera et cetera... basically something that you really like to do. :)

jeannie said...

I'm taking a degree in English at the moment. This field is too general. Still considering my dad's suggestion of taking a master after this. It's kinda hard since I'm not sure of the path I want to take for my future nor am I as talented as you. (I can play piano but not very pro at it.:P)