- Thursday, February 28, 2008

Would You Succumb?

For years, my sister has been receiving tons of love letters. So, there was this once when I accidentally saw one of the letters. Check out what kind of love letter it was. I almost killed myself. Thank God my sister - sane enough - did not accept any one of them.

In English:
Dear Hannah, happy birthday!!!
Can we be friends? If yes, you can call us.
Just choose any numbers from the list. :)

Click image for larger view.

*cough cough*

I can kill myself if I were my sister. >.<


samantha said...

you're so evil la. ehehehe..

Suit Lin said...

is that NOTES at the back of paper in the 3rd pic????

Unused exercise book also don't have ah?

Sigh, what happen to good quality male species? Who is my daughter going to get married to. No, wait, i need to worry about myself first. XD

F.R.E.D.Y said...

hey Jon, u know what's the worst thing could ever happen?

Yr phone number was in it! hahaha...

lawrence_teoh89 said...

ur sister is too popular i guess.. haha.. Luckily my num is not in that.. lol.. U jahat la.. see people love letter.. :P

ah^kam koko' said...

you even took pictures & put it on the net!
naughty naughty!


Jon Chu said...

HAHA.. Let the evil begin! XD

[Suit Lin]
that is normal A4 paper we use for taking notes. THEY EVEN TORE THE END OF THE PAPER!?!?!

Your head la inside. haha.

Terlihat, okay? haha

[Ah Kam]
HAHA. yeah. I did. :D
Such a baaaaad example, eh? XD

lawrence_teoh89 said...

Very bad example.. haha.. btw, why not post ur sis pic also? :P

I kinda forget how she look ady although I met her like once rite? haha.. very forgetful la nowadays.. :(

jeannie said...

hahaha!!so funny!! It'll drive me nuts too if I gt such a letter. XD

Jon Chu said...

[jeannie] Are you sure? hahaha... But on second thought, it might a bit traumatizing since guys put nicknames and ask you to CALL them instead of the other way round...

jeannie said...

Exactly!And it's so weird to have a list to choose from. Is it a new trend going on here? Giving a list of guys who likes the girl and let her choose? Makes me think if these guys are serious about your sis.

Jon Chu said...

Ah, well, kids these days... just one expression is enough to describe them - sigh. :)

But oh well, thank God she didn't call any of them.

jeannie said...

LOL!! !What if she DID call them without your knowledge?? No...Just kidding. XD

the jon said...



the jon said...

I love how they crossed out their real names and put down weird names like flame angel and lipas