- Saturday, March 01, 2008

Are You Dumb?

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing: Are You Dumb

Many egoistic people anger when they are told that they dumb
Let alone admit it
But, there are times when the harsh truth has to be faced
Are You Dumb gives everybody the chance to prove to oneself that
he/she is/is not dumb

So, do you dare take the challenge to prove to yourself
that dumbness isn't one of your traits?

Jimmy Choo will decide if you are dumb or not.
So, are you dumb?

p/s: playing this more than once won't you less dumb.
p/s: Play it once, because if you attempt it for the second time, it won't be the REAL result anymore
p/s: If you've played it, comment and tell me if you're dumb or not, okay? HAHAHA


AdRIaN said...

oh this thing!! oh my god..so miss it!! I love the last question!!! eh! i answer correct leh!! but fail the 1st question last time...therefore..I'm dump(dumb)..lol. jimmy CHOO..again..CHOO..haha

Zim Sen said...

haiyo the last question I kena wrong. But I know deep down I am not dumb for I will beat you PIG TAKE EGG.... LOL

SilverIsle said...

LOLz. Congratulations. I am not dumb. Weeeee...

~BeCkY~ said...


But actually right, the 1st question I hentam, I get correct? then the other 2 questions is easy la..

By the way, I don't understand the 1st question, am I consider dumb?

Jon Chu said...

HAHAHA. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! XD


ahhh.. shaks. missed the chance to laugh at you. HAHAHA.. :D

First question is... how many syllabus in mississippi. the answer is 4. cuz. mi-ssi-ssi-ppi maaa.. :D

Phoebe said...

I'm not dumb also!!

lawrence_teoh89 said...

I am not dumb la!! :P

Jon Chu said...


Maybe you failed, but you try to bluff me. Hmph. Are you dumb?